Shower bed helps against stress

In hospitals and Aged Care facilities the usage of shower beds is a common sight as they help reduce stress and burden on the caretakers as well as making showering and toilet visits a more dignified experience. However, there's plenty of different kinds of shower trolleys to choose from but choosing a shower bed from TR Equipment would be the best choice as their products focuses not just on patient comfort but also on work safety. They accomplish this through an easy to understand design and electric controls that allow you to adjust height as well as tilt. 

This helps minimize the need for carrying and lifting for caretakers handling patients and elderly. The hand-operated controls are easy to understand and helps you adjust both height and tilt of the shower trolley which results in the moving and transportation of patients and elderly becomes that much easier for caretakers while also making it a more comfortable experience for patients and elderly.

Service and maintenance for shower beds

With the help of a shower bed from TR Equipment, the potential for damage and injuries are minimized as caretakers won't have to lift as much. So rather than risk patient safety and hygiene on top of injuries for caretakers, why not purchase an electric shower bed to help make the job easier for both caretaker and patient alike? All their equipment has a low cost of ownership and they provide good customer service that'll help answer your questions and provide service as well as maintenance when needed. 

Of course, maintenance is an important task that helps increase the lifespan of the trolleys and should be done at a regular interval to ensure that quality and safety remain. ​